What to do after an auto accident in New York?

You Have Your Insurance in Place, But Do You Know What to Do in The Event of an Auto Accident in New York?

No one wants to be involved in an accident.  No matter how minor it may seem, an accident will affect your life.  Being prepared is the first defense.  Having the proper New York auto insurance in place and knowing what to do in the event of collision may help prevent further injury and property damage.

Immediately following an accident, check to see if anyone involved has been injured.  If there are injuries, call 911 immediately.  With property damage only, the police can be called if needed.

Try to stay calm.  Stay at the scene but get to safety.  If the vehicle is safe to drive and causing a traffic hazard, pull it to the side of the road.  

Avoid discussing who is at fault, except to authorities.  Documentation at the scene is important.  Exchange information with the other parties involved.  Helpful information will be names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, year, make and model of vehicles involved, license plate numbers, and insurance carriers and policy numbers. Pictures of the scene might prove helpful in settling any claim.

Inform your insurance company promptly.  Be truthful about what happened. Your agent will then be able to give you the information you will need to move forward.  Contact Rockland Insurance Agency if you have any questions about your New York auto insurance policy.