Teenager Insurance in New York

Teenage driving can be stressful enough without having to worry about auto insurance and how they will affect your auto insurance rates in New York.   Inexperienced drivers usually come with higher premiums, so having the facts before contacting your insurance agent can be helpful. 

Here are some tips on saving money with your teenager auto insurance coverages:
  1. Accident Free.  Obviously teaching your teen to drive safely will help in the premiums you may face with a new driver.  Having rules on texting and passenger can help in keeping them safer.
  2. Education.   A driver’s education course often will provide discounts on your auto insurance in New York.
  3. Grades.  Many insurance companies offer good grades discounts for teen drivers.  Requiring good grades with driving privileges is always a good idea.
  4. Deductible.  This may be a good time to think about raising your deductible and thereby saving some money on your premiums.
  5. Shop.  At Rockland Insurance Agency we can shop around to find the best company that will build a package with your new teen driver in mind.